As the world is beginning to come to terms with a global viral pandemic that emerged in late 2019, the last thing anyone wants to hear about is another epidemic, this one fertility-related. However, the past 50 years have seen inexplicable declines in male fertility that could well become the next global health crisis, one with links to pollution, climate change and the digital age.

Sperm counts have fallen

A study from Human Reproduction Update journal in 2017 indicated sperm counts had fallen drastically over the past 40 years, including by more than 50 percent from 1973 to 2011. A 1992 BMJ medical journal review of fertility research from 1938 to 1991 similarly indicated that sperm counts had indeed dropped notably over the 53-year period.

The evidence is bleak enough that notable epidemiologist Shanna Swan told British newspaper the Guardian that sperm counts