There’s no getting away from it: Almost everyone uses laptops, cellphones and tablets, both on the job and during their free time. Technology’s benefits are innumerable, but too much reliance on technology brings with it the chance of reproductive harm for men.

The risk, according to studies, comes from heat exposure and electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) that are given off by tech devices. These risks aren’t entirely avoidable, but they can be reduced.

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Because most laptops and cellphones are held in close proximity to the groin area when they’re used or carried, the energy emitted from these devices can cause harm to a man’s testicles.

Evidence shows that repeated exposure to EMFs could lead to a drop in sperm quality and quantity. The same study showed that consistently elevated scrotal temperatures from heat given off by laptops could be associated with an observational decline in male fertility. For example, sperm counts in Western countries, where electronics use is highest, have been