It probably won't come as much of a surprise to learn that what you eat impacts how you perform in bed. Sexual health involves a delicate balance between hormones, heart health, mental health and many other factors. Bottom line: What you fuel your body with is important. 

The biggest impact food makes on our sex life is by providing vitamins, protein, healthy fats and other nutrients to support whole-body health. If the body is healthy, sexual health will follow. 

Diet and arousal

Since the beginning of recorded history, humans have been looking for ways to enhance sexual performance. From the days of the ancient Chinese dynasties through the Roman Empire to the present day, humanity has been searching for the mystery ingredients that will help increase virility, stamina and overall arousal.

Back in the day, they were looking for aphrodisiacs: foods, drinks and drugs, or a combination of all three, that stimulated sexual desire. Of course, everyone has certain ticks that get them in the mood, but what sets aphrodisiacs apart is they supposedly work for everyone. Think chocolate, wine and maybe even oysters. 

Not all