Diet is an integral part of your health, and eating foods to target individual organs and body parts is also important. Your prostate just so happens to require healthy proteins and fats to reduce the risk of prostate cancer and other potential prostate issues. So if you're reaching age 55 and want to combat the second most common type of cancer in men, learn what to avoid and make the switch to prostate-healthy foods.

What types of food to avoid

Before you make drastic changes to your diet needlessly, you should first understand what types of food you should avoid. You don't necessarily have to cut these foods out altogether, but they've been commonly linked to more aggressive forms of prostate cancer, so beware.

Fried foods

Those delicious golden morsels in the form of donuts, french fries and chicken nuggets are the sworn enemy of your prostate. Fast food, in particular, can also be lumped into this category. The