You've been traveling a long and turbulent path, and you've finally reached the best destination. After all the fear and uncertainty, pain and sickness, your doctor gave you the news you've been hoping for—you're cancer-free!

While you may be doing backflips in your mind, your body has been through a major ordeal and there's always a chance your cancer could return. Thankfully, research indicates that diet and exercise are key to preventing cancer regrowth.

Rebuilding your body takes time

When my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, she struggled with her weight and energy levels throughout treatment. Following her final chemotherapy session, she spent much of her time resting and waiting for her energy to return. She was surprised to find that it didn't. She just couldn't get back to feeling like herself.

Unfortunately, many patients think once they get the all-clear, they can just start running marathons or go right back to their precancer lives. Sadly, this is often unlikely, as many patients face unexpected health changes from