Mike Werling is the deputy editor for men’s health at Giddy. His 24-year career as an editor in print and digital media has included stints with boating, financial services and business magazines, among others. He covered sports last century and was once a regular columnist for an ironically short-lived magazine called Tall.

Understanding Your Penis and Testicles

COVID-19 Virus Can Live Throughout the Male Genital Tract

Primate study is the first to show SARS-CoV-2 infects prostate, penis and testicle tissues.

By Mike Werling

New Drug Regenerates Erectile Nerves Damaged by Prostatectomy

So far, the topical gel has only been tested on rats, but human trials are planned.

By Mike Werling

Study: Trained Dogs Beat Electronic Nose at Detecting Prostate Cancer

Researchers hope the 'competition' yields results for technology that could hone diagnosis.

By Mike Werling

Metastatic Prostate Cancer Project Aims to Accelerate Discoveries

Patient participation, data sharing and advocacy drive research and treatment advances.

By Mike Werling