Pap smear results can affect the next steps for your health and well-being. Know what they mean.
It's an effective cancer treatment option, but there can be serious risks and side effects.
The disease's growth is slow. Regular Pap smears should detect it early—if you get them.
It's rare, but knowing the treatment options can help you better decide your course of action.
Doctors have three options—you'll receive one or a mix, depending on the stage.

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Female-to-male patients with cervixes often fall through the gaps for serious health procedures.
Determining risk for this deadly disease is difficult, but cutting-edge research shows promise.
If a Pap test reveals abnormal cells, you may undergo a loop electrosurgical excision procedure.
This treatment option may encourage the cervix to produce normal cells.
Cervical biopsies can be intimidating, but they're very common and usually painless.
Follow these tips to reduce stress after learning about your condition.
No one can prepare for a cancer diagnosis, but there are ways to manage your emotions.
All women—and some men—should get this routine check for cancerous cells.
These surgeries are just some of the choices to consider after a diagnosis.
Feeling anxiety over a cervical biopsy? Knowing what to expect can help assuage your worries.