It all started with a lump.

Well, not exactly a lump, but a nearly rock-hard left testicle. I was sitting on the couch in some basketball shorts in 2018 and had just adjusted my testicles—a mindless motion—when I felt it. "Hey, babe, I think one of my balls are hard. Is hard? Are hard?" That's the full quote, actually. My wife, Heidi, said that she knew in that instant what it meant. 

I wish I could say the next few days were a whirlwind, but they weren't. They were a complete and absolute slog. Each test led to more questions, but the results were pretty conclusive: The testicular cancer had spread. Everywhere. My entire abdomen was riddled with it. After one CT scan, my surgeon, Dr. Sumeet Bhanvadia, circled a 9-centimeter mass (bigger than my fist) against my kidney