If you haven’t heard of “coke dick,” it’s similar to “whiskey dick,” which is erectile dysfunction (ED) induced by alcohol. Coke dick is ED as a result of too much cocaine use, but the conditions are different since cocaine acts differently on the body than alcohol.

Why it happens

Cocaine is a vasoconstrictor that causes the body’s vessels to tighten and narrow, making it more difficult for blood to pass through. You can imagine this isn’t great for your penis, because an erection occurs when the penis fills with blood, and to do that, the vessels need to relax.

This might sound counterintuitive, since cocaine is said to increase one’s sense of pleasure by raising the level of neurotransmitters (brain messengers), such as dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine. And it’s true that dopamine makes you feel good and can increase sexual pleasure and heighten an orgasm, and epinephrine and norepinephrine can also cause some beneficial sexual side effects, like