Sexual Health

Grooming and Hygiene

The Basics

The grooming products you use are probably damaging the environment—there are better options.

These painful bumps are rarely serious, but in some cases, you should seek medical attention.

Pimples on your face and back are common, but they'll also pop up where you least expect them.

Giving birth is a miraculous experience, but how it leaves your skin isn't quite so special.

The Basics

We got ripped: A cooler of beer, an overnight sitter and a home kit made for a memorable night.

Whether from the ravages of time or a medical condition, bald spots don't have to last forever.

Simply letting soapy shower water run over your body parts doesn't cut it for daily maintenance.

Celebrities may endorse skipping days or even weeks, but don't turn off the faucet just yet.


Only you should decide whether it stays or goes.

Could the woolly vulva, driven to near extinction in the '90s, be making a triumphant comeback?

From '70s bushes to bald as a badger, these are the era-defining styles down there.

Brazilian, sculpted, full bush—I've enjoyed them all, but finally settled on a style.


Facial hair is often tied to 'masculinity,' but maybe our definition of the word is flawed.

More men are discovering that their partners prefer some grooming below the belt.

Proper hygiene and attentive care will keep your whiskers in prime form.

Fear not, gentlemen: Just a few additions to your daily routine will make a big difference.


If the thought of waxing makes you wince, try these pro tips to make the process less painful.

Your shampoo, conditioner and soap shouldn't be in the same bottle.

Before you go, know the risks, considerations and outcomes of the procedure.

Before you go seeking new highs, check that these products won't put you at new lows.


Beware of marketing ploys and pay attention to the ingredients before using these risky items.

Lubricant can help makeup look smooth, but it's not the slickest idea.

Stop wasting cash on expensive fads and shop for these science-backed skincare ingredients.

Whether this skincare secret really works isn't cut and dried.


Inflammation of the penis head has several risk factors, and the origin determines treatment.

With specific care and attention, you can keep this unwelcome penis affliction at bay.

This penis condition is common but not well understood. Know how to debunk balanitis myths.

Caring for an uncircumcised penis requires diligence, but some simple steps can make it easier.