Find out how to counter the difficulties serious intestinal issues can cause to your sex life.
You don't have to live with pain. Learn the facts and don't be fooled by misconceptions.
Autoimmune diseases cause distress, medical complications and, possibly, fertility issues.
While IBD is a serious condition, knowing the facts will help you best manage your disease.
Millions of Americans suffer from this form of inflammatory bowel disease. Know the signs.
While you manage arthritis, you can still have a comfortable, even robust, lifestyle.
IBD is actually a variety of digestive disorders that affect about 3 million people in the U.S.
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) creates obstacles for sex, but wise choices can mitigate them.
Parkinson's gives you enough to handle without having to worry about sexual difficulties.
Crohn's disease, a form of IBD, affects millions of people in the United States.
People with autoimmune disorders face a number of difficulties, including with sexual function.
You probably know someone with an autoimmune disease, but what does it mean?
Arthritis pain and stiffness can both be reduced with exercise, but easy does it.
In an instant, everything changes. Learning to cope is the only way forward.
Hormones and genetics may explain why your immune system is attacking your body.
This skin condition is often misunderstood, but the obstacles it poses to sex can be overcome.
A mutually beneficial sex life is achievable following a lupus diagnosis.
You can live a full and happy life…yes, even without gluten.
While autoimmunity remains incurable and its cause unknown, dietary changes may help.
Easily mistaken for a nut allergy, this syndrome is a unique and lifelong condition.
Flatulence and more—everything you never really wanted to know about gas.
What may seem like a small, single tick bite can affect your health in the future.
Hashimoto's is an autoimmune disease and the number-one cause of hypothyroidism.
It's not just an old person's condition, and misconceptions can delay diagnosis.
RRMS is the most common type of MS, leading to chronic fatigue and so much more.
Learn how to cope with aches below your waist without compromising your quality of life.
An acclaimed burlesque performer finally finds her own truth: I am not my hair.
The research suggests a correlation even if the mechanism is still under investigation.
Inflammatory bowel disease not only changes your life but your libido, too.
The autoimmune skin disease can spread from your arms to the area between your legs.
Honest communication between partners about chronic diarrhea can improve sex and intimacy.
Discomfort can make life—and sex—challenging. This herbal item might help, but do your research.
A person sits in a wheelchair and holds the frame with the sun shining down on them.
Men diagnosed with MS may have complications with erections and orgasms.
A man is doing cold water therapy outside in the opening of a snowy iced-over lake while reading a book.
Millions of people have chronic pain, affecting their daily lives and their sexual health.
A man and woman kiss and embrace while sitting on steps outside.
Finding love while living with a rebellious immune system is complicated but not impossible.
A person is walking on a treadmill with only their lower legs and feet showing.
MS can take a toll on your mental, physical and sexual well-being.
Christina Applegate poses for a camera at an event against a purple background.
The 'Dead to Me' star has taken control of her health.
A pink photo of Christina Applegate is outlined in lime green and is in front of a white and blue background.
The 'Dead to Me' actor discusses the struggle of her recent diagnosis.
A portion of a blue inverted facial image is torn to reveal a black and white image.
The autoimmune disease affects an estimated 1.5 million Americans, but it is manageable.
A scull and crossbones is toasted into a slice of bread.
Since many sufferers are undiagnosed, it's an important topic for everyone.
A man sits on a bed holding his lower back on the left side with both hands.
Ankylosing spondylitis causes chronic inflammation and pain that can lead to sexual dysfunction.
A reddish-orange hand holds a knuckle on the other hand against a purple background.
'The great imitator' can be hard to pin down, so look out for these common signs.
A man runs along the ocean shore.
Exercise and nutrition can help prevent inflammatory bowel disease, new research suggests.
A piece of bread in the shape of a skull and cross bones is layered on a pink and purple marbled background.
Create a gluten-free home, be safe in social settings and know how to react to gluten ingestion.
A man holds his right knee in pain and rubbing it.
The inflammatory disease affects a quarter of U.S. adults and is a leading cause of disability.
An image of Ashton Kutcher has a teal overlay against a teal background.
The star opens up about IVF, married life and rebounding from a debilitating health scare.
A man holds a mask to his face for breathing.
Coping with a CF diagnosis is difficult. Find the ideal method for you.
An x-ray of a human abdomen is glowing red around the intestinal system.
How does UC feel, and what tests do doctors run if they believe you have it?
An eggplant sits next to halved grapefruit on a plate against a teal background.
Research indicates that innovative dietary approaches could address the causes of autoimmunity.
An x-ray of a leg is against an orange background with the knee joints glowing.
First identified 100 years ago, the condition is still controversial and often misdiagnosed.
A magnifying glass enlarges a question mark over an x-ray.
What's the actual science and what's just something someone heard once?
The hands of a senior man lay on his knee.
There are dozens of forms of this condition, each with distinct characteristics. Find out more.
A circle in the middle of a blue background shows the lining of the intestines.
Know the symptoms of CD and your predisposition for it. Getting tested could save your life.
A female doctor holding a clipboard talks to a woman with her hand on the shoulder of the patient.
Is there treatment for this chronic autoimmune condition? Learn how to manage it.
An older man with arthritis holds and rubs his wrist.
A leading cause of physical disability, the chronic issue also affects mental and sexual health.
A woman in a pink shirt holds the side of her stomach with one hand and her head with the other.
While inflammatory bowel disease is a lifelong and chronic illness, some symptoms are treatable.
Pink and blue figures stand holding hands with red lightening bolts coming from their joints.
This chronic condition can slow you down, but it doesn't have to hold back your sex life.
pattern of bananas with red spots on teal background
Sex is still possible even if psoriasis affects your penis. Extra care and lube are first steps.
A pink intestinal system has flames on three sides and is the center of a dark green flame.
You manage inflammatory bowel disease by inducing a state of remission and preventing flare-ups.
A hand holds a magnifying glass showing red cells against a blue square.
The 100-plus types of autoimmunity can affect almost every body part and system.
A blue man has a yellow bubble behind him as he stands against a pink and white cloudy background.
Inflammatory bowel disease requires planning ahead, but the good life is within easy reach.
a light blue digestive tract with one side in red on a blue background
There is no cure for UC, but there are options to help you manage this condition.
red, blue, pink and green viruses and cell patterns on ripped paper texture
More than 100 such conditions affect millions of Americans by attacking healthy cells.
doctor in blue gloves looks at the face of a man in a brown shirt
Each of the 100-plus types of autoimmunity is distinct, but many share certain characteristics.
Three silver shields lay in a row against a pink and silver background.
Autoimmune conditions affect people in myriad ways, including physically, mentally and sexually.
orange and green busts with red splotches face each other on a pink and blue background
For people with autoimmunity, communication with their partner is key to a healthy relationship.
woman lays on her side on a bed with her hand between her legs
The autoimmune skin disorder can create flaking, scaling and open sores on your private parts.
three green eggplants with red spots on a purple background
Creams, oral therapies and injections help manage the common condition.
woman in white bathrobe sits on edge of bed and holds her lower back in pain
How to contextualize and interpret chronic pain and your next steps to relief.
woman in fetal position on pink blanket with ribbed edges on blue background
A close relationship with your toilet does not mean sex is out of the question.
banana with red splotches on pink surface with teal background
You can navigate both these things successfully with the right strategies and communication.
hot pink question marks on blue tinted virus background
Reactive arthritis arises from bacterial infections in your body, including STDs.
woman checks her teeth and gums in magnifying mirror and looks concerned
Maintaining good oral hygiene should be a crucial goal for everyone who is susceptible to IBD.
A woman shows her arm having psoriasis near the elbow.
We know that psoriasis causes problems with male fertility. Does the same hold true for women?
woman gets thyroid gland examined by blue gloved hands touching her throat
What is an overactive thyroid and how can it affect your life?
pink thyroid glands with orange dots on teal blue background
What's behind an overactive thyroid and how do you distinguish it from something else?
gray scale woman's thoart with exposed red thyroid gland inside diamond on grayscale background
You have many ways to stop an overactive thyroid from affecting your everyday life.
A couple lays in bed before sex.
'Soft sex' can be great sex, especially to help you minimize pain and pressure.
A woman lays down on a bed as a man leans over her.
Do not let a rebellious gut kill your sexual satisfaction.
wooden drawing figure with arms out stretched on blue background
The world discovered this rare autoimmune disorder when singer Celine Dion announced she had it.
woman holds her wrist as she sits in yellow chair
Rheumatologists think the difference may come down to genes, hormones or environmental factors.
A woman lays on the sofa with a blanket over her as she holds her stomach in pain.
People with irritable bowel syndrome are far more likely to experience anxiety and depression.
A woman lays on a bed while getting a massage in her shoulders.
You can't treat the condition by yourself, but you can engage in some fibromyalgia self-care.
A woman sits on a sofa with her hands clasped together between her knees.
The cause of Crohn's disease is unknown, and it can’t be cured. Find out more.
A woman lies in bed with her hand pressing her face into the pillow.
One-third of our lives are spent asleep—it's preparation for the other two-thirds.
A doctor holds up a magnifying glass to a patient's hand showing a skin condition.
Find out the many ways psoriasis can appear, including the different plaque types.
A person rubs cream into the skin on their arm during a psoriasis flare-up.
If you have this condition, get diagnosed. Don't find out what happens to untreated psoriasis.
A woman rubs lotion onto her legs while sitting on a bed.
Psoriasis can be managed with attention to diet and lifestyle, as well as with medical support.
A woman pulls toilet paper from a roll while sitting on the toilet.
Irritable bowel syndrome has no single known cause and is categorized in four ways.
A doctor points to a tablet showing the insides of the human body.
Irritable bowel syndrome symptoms overlap with more serious conditions. Get a medical opinion.
A woman holds her lower abdomen in pain as she sits by a window.
Not all stomach aches are equal. Know when to seek help for the symptoms of Crohn's disease.
A woman is standing in the woods with a colostomy bag atop her shorts.
There's no need for shame—even celebrities discuss this autoimmune disease.