When the only sex you have is solo, how do you keep your sexual health in tip-top shape?
When the only sex you have is solo, how do you keep your sexual health in tip-top shape?
This invasive surgical procedure could affect future pregnancy. Find out how.
These exams may seem intimidating but can be quick and easy. They may also save your life.
These exams may seem intimidating but can be quick and easy. They may also save your life.
Your sexual health is important, so you need a doctor who makes you feel comfortable.
Speculums and forceps haven't evolved much since the 1800s. Is it time they did?
Female-to-male patients with cervixes often fall through the gaps for serious health procedures.
If penetration is painful, here's how you can make the experience less daunting.
The test is probably unnecessary, except in a few cases, but don't forget pelvic exams.
If a Pap test reveals abnormal cells, you may undergo a loop electrosurgical excision procedure.
The link between cigarettes and human papillomavirus is more pronounced than you might think.
An extra set of eyes can help alleviate anxiety during a sensitive examination or procedure.
This treatment option may encourage the cervix to produce normal cells.
Giddy talks to executive director Heather White about funding global access to resources.
You don't have to proceed with anything that feels uncomfortable.
A supportive doctor can mean better communication and better overall health outcomes.
Having your backside checked regularly might just save your life.
It can be intimidating to start from scratch, so we asked some family doctors to help out...
You may experience abnormal or frequent urination—but is it a symptom of a full-blown infection?
Working with your doctor can help prevent future complications.
Prevent or safely handle an asymptomatic infection with a bit of health management.
It's easy to confuse the two, but doctors want you to know there's a big difference.
Most cases of the virus are asymptomatic, so how are you supposed to know if you have it?
Cervical biopsies can be intimidating, but they're very common and usually painless.
This painful condition can be debilitating, but getting back to your life is possible.
Follow these tips to reduce stress after learning about your condition.
All women—and some men—should get this routine check for cancerous cells.
Reducing your cervical cancer risk factors can improve your chances of survival, and prevent rec
The most common STI in the world could give you cancer, or it could simply disappear.
This cancer warning sign is another reason why you should never postpone your regular Pap test.
For women surviving cervical cancer, pregnancy can still be an option, depending on treatment.
An infection from HPV often clears up on its own, but here's what you can do if it doesn't.
Most cervical cancers can be prevented with help from your doctor and a healthy immune system.
Cervical cancer is aggressive, but survival rates have improved thanks to regular Pap smears.
An abnormal Pap smear can require further testing via a colposcopy. Here's how you can be ready.
It may feel awkward but it’s not painful. A Pap smear should top your list of essential tests.
Early-stage cervical cancer often shows no symptoms, making preventive health checkups key.
Eradication of cervical cancer is an achievable goal—if we can get resources to critical sites.
Staying informed about HPV can reduce your risk for cancer, including cervical cancer.
Don’t be intimidated by your first Pap smear. It’s an important part of reproductive health.
Women should know how to approach follow-up tests when their Pap smear comes back abnormal.
Misinformation about your ovaries can cause confusion. Know the facts and bypass the fiction.
A vital cancer-screening tool, Pap smears should be a routine part of your health regimen.
I never thought I would have cancer at age 33, especially not cancer caused by an STI.
Recommendations have changed, but Pap smear tests are integral in screening for cervical cancer.
Pap smear results can affect the next steps for your health and well-being. Know what they mean.