You trust your OB-GYN with your sexual health. Now, some are offering cosmetic procedures, too.
According to the numbers, women may feel more terrible about their boobs than ever before.
According to the numbers, women may feel more terrible about their boobs than ever before.
Even with proper maintenance, your augmentation won't last forever.
There are a number of different types of this procedure. Here's a quick guide on what to expect.
Whether you've had an oncological or a reconstructive procedure, the recovery process can vary.
The rapper warns the removal process is 'really crazy.'
Celebrity endorsements and image-conscious millennials are driving these procedures.
The rate of anaplastic large-cell lymphoma may be higher than previously thought, study finds.
Thanks in part to the Kardashians, the BBL had a meteoric rise. But the cliff is approaching.
Opting for a prosthesis is a very personal decision. Here's what you should consider.
You do have options if you want to change the size or appearance of your penis and scrotum.
This surgical treatment option removes cancer while preserving the aesthetics of your breasts.
HS is a painful, little-known skin condition that requires a commitment to care.
Time is not friendly to most of us, and as women age, the boobs start heading downhill.
Skin rippling and discomfort are common after submuscular implantation.
BII and other complications are leading to a major jump in explant surgeries, doctors say.
This penile condition causes tears and pain. It can be remedied, usually without circumcision.
Penis size surgery may seem perfect, but there are risks in getting too big for your britches.
Is a vampire breast lift the best solution for me if I want to avoid surgery?
Like most things in life, getting gender-affirming care isn't always easy, but it is worth it.
What you should know about the unwelcome comeback of one of the most feared STDs in history.
One woman tells her story of being diagnosed with Poland syndrome.
A litany of mysterious postsurgery symptoms all seem to have one solution in common.
‘Paging Dr. Bot’ may be futuristic, but artificial intelligence offers promising developments.
A distorted view of your body can cause chaos in your life and relationships.
A deeper dive into the types of plastic surgery men get and why.
The conditions are related but to say excess breast tissues causes ED ignores other factors.
Here are some nuggets of information about everything that's packed into the scrotum.
Find out the answer to that all-important question, ’Should I wear jeans?’
The world of modern medicine presents several options to tighten your waist.
Here are some options for unveiling a fresher face to the outside world.
Studies show this cosmetic treatment may also improve symptoms of an enlarged prostate.
They're not guaranteed to last a lifetime.
Both fillers and fat transfers can plump up and fill out your face. Which one is right for you?
It may make your daily routine easier, but there are risks. The facts can help you decide.
It's great to get all your cosmetic needs met in one place, but check some critical info first.
Loss of elastic tissue causes skin to sag. Nonsurgical skin tightening is an appealing remedy.
A mastopexy can have real benefits, but there are risks involved. Know them.
The cosmetic procedure promises big results, but it's not without drawbacks and considerations.
Dermal fillers may provide a more youthful appearance by temporarily plumping the skin and lips.
It may seem like everyone is doing it nowadays, but cosmetic surgery is still a major decision.
Testicle removal is never desirable, but artificial testes can restore a natural look and feel.
Hair transplants have come a long way. Know what to expect from a hair-restoration procedure.
Hair transplants have come a long way. Know what to expect from a hair-restoration procedure.
As these procedures for women have grown in popularity, so has the surge of bad info.
Aesthetic surgery involving the male genitalia is an ancient practice. Know the facts.
Breast surgery procedures could affect your ability to breastfeed.
Between surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures, you may see different results.
Full and round are features some women desire for their derriere. Brazilian butt lifts deliver.
Cohesive silicone breast implants are safe, but complications are possible.
Women who want more comfort can take a literal weight off their shoulders with breast reduction.
Learn key information on changing the appearance of your downstairs bits.
Women may seek cosmetic surgery to improve their quality of life or for cosmetic concerns.
Cosmetic surgery criticism stems from outdated attitudes and stereotypes. Own your decision.
A ‘mommy makeover’ promises to restore your body to pre-pregnancy shape. Is it just hype?
Medical tourism promises plastic surgery at a lower cost, but it's not without risk.
Breast implants are not meant to be lifetime devices. Understand the maintenance they require.
Know what you’re putting in your body, and what to do to make it most effective.