Narrowing the gender gap and maintaining women's rights improves entire communities.
Historian Sandra Eder discusses how physicians 'invented' roles for the sexes in the 1950s.
Women are less likely to receive proper preventive care for heart issues, research indicates.
The genderfluid comic says she has wanted to use the moniker since childhood.
The genderfluid comic says she has wanted to use the moniker since childhood.
The new legislation, effective July 1, could force youth undergoing treatment to detransition.
Discussing gender and sexuality, and correcting misconceptions, are keys to your well-being.
Study reveals how prejudices keep males out of healthcare, early education and domestic careers.
Gender roles and social pressure can create conflict between you and your partner.
A study of U.S. clinical trials across 10 years finds disparities between male and female data.
While similar, these three identities differ on the spectrum of sexual orientation.
Not wanting to be touched sexually is a valid boundary worthy of respect.
This 2015 film is about much more than transgender living.
Petition by more than 40 companies states 'sexist' algorithms are blocking educational content.
In the world of anthropomorphic sex toys, never has it been more obvious we live in a patriarchy
Dr. James Barry's medical achievements were revolutionary but overshadowed by gender scandal.
Recording and performing artists share stories of collaboration and communication in music.
Your genes govern appearance and blood type, but they're also responsible for a whole lot more.
If it's been proven both ineffective and harmful, why is it still in practice?
What feels like butterflies in your tummy is actually a cocktail of chemicals in the brain.
Businesses love it, but customers are conflicted.
Sex may be evident at birth, but only you can be sure of your own identity.
Adaptability and good communication take a couple a long way down the right road of divorce.
Americans seeking access to lifesaving transition surgeries still face a variety of roadblocks.
On various sites, men can typically let a nip slip, but for other identities, it's not so easy.
The power lies in subverting pop culture tropes about love and sex.
While Ruby has been out since last year, the family has only recently been public about it.
HB25 forces children to compete on teams misaligned with their gender identity.
There's an internal dynamism to this identity that has been around a lot longer than you think.
How the demands and failings of a strict religion affected a gender-questioning child.
Combat gender dysphoria while keeping your health in mind.
Broadening our definitions also helps us broaden care, protection and prevention.
One percent of the population is often left out of conversations about sex and gender identity.
The fight for sexual liberation can include all, as long as we remember who we're fighting for.
It may represent entertainment for many, but for me, drag was a revelation.
Expectations of masculine or feminine posture are outdated and harmful for both body and psyche.
By Luna
Queer dating can be a shortcut to better communication and firmer boundaries.
Safe sex and regular checkups are crucial, even when a penis isn’t involved.
We change and grow over time, and even day to day. For some people, this includes gender.
Gender-bending isn't just for trans people. Learn how to take your gender into your own hands.
Gender-bending isn't just for trans people. Learn how to take your gender into your own hands.
Medical experts aren’t sure about a direct link, but transmasculine people should be careful.
Not heterosexuality and not homosexuality, bisexuality is often misunderstood and ignored.
Though the process may be difficult, it’s never too late to be who you truly are.
Understanding race, ethnicity, gender and more is important for your mental and physical health.
What do you need to know about FTM transitioning and masculinizing hormone therapy?