Understanding Your Vagina | The Basics

Recurring infections can lead to complications with these organs near the vaginal opening.

We explain the elusive tissue that means so much to society.

Got an outie vag? Learn what's normal and what's not when it comes to your vaginal anatomy.

Wearing vaginal fluid as perfume isn't new but it's having a resurgence, thanks to influencers.

Irritation, hemorrhoids, discharge and UTIs can be unwanted results from wearing a thong.


YouTube videos help spread dubious—potentially dangerous—advice about urinary tract infections.

There's a lot of talk about vaginal pH and how to maintain it. Let's clear the air, shall we?

Ingredients include propylene glycol, citric acid, xanthan gum and more. What could go wrong?

Revelations about intimate products are all over social media, but are the items necessary?

A mild scent is normal, but if you notice any changes, it's time to see a doctor.

People prone to yeast infections may be tempted to turn to probiotics, but here's what to know.

Maintaining your vaginal microbiome is important for your whole body.

Having a bun in the oven brings on a bunch of bodily developments.

Words matter, often more than we even realize. Just ask Gwyneth Paltrow.

Pain during female arousal is a thing. Here's what can help.

How wet a woman gets during sex depends on a number of factors.

Understanding your vagina is important but experts say you won't find answers with this product.

Research is uncovering just how important 'good' bacteria can be for your health.

If vaginal discharge stained your favorite panties, don't worry. It's totally normal.

The elasticity of your vag is not loose because you’ve had a mountain of lovers. Fake news!

This viral suggestion about ivermectin can cause yeast infections and other issues.

There's a difference between arousal and normal vaginal fluids.

A hard-to-penetrate vagina may not mean what you think it does.

The often unexplored territory between your clitoris and vagina deserves your attention.

It's time to face facts: Douching is bad for you—and your vagina.

It’s about to get real—let’s talk about vaginal discharge.

Understanding the truth about your vaginal health is essential to preventing serious illness.

Prevent and treat some of the unpleasant symptoms of maturing.

Two experts weigh in on all your noisy vag concerns.

Itching down below? Here's a list of possible causes along with helpful treatments.

If you're worried about what you look like down there, stop stressing.

Sexually active? Keep your pH balanced and your vagina healthy with these tips.

Vaginal discharge cleans and protects the cervix, and can also alert women to potential issues.

Diet and lifestyle changes can result in a healthy vagina and improved well-being.