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We all know sleep is essential to our health, but just how exactly does a lack of Z’s impact our sexual performance?

According to scientists, the way you sleep has a profound effect on your sex life. A lack of proper sleep can throw hormone levels off balance, decrease your libido, diminish sexual performance, and create a spike in sexual dysfunction.

Not getting enough deep sleep prevents your body from scrubbing away the hormones that cause stress, which can lead to less pleasurable sex. Sleep disorders may also play a role in diminished sexual satisfaction. Those who are dealing with sleep disorders may benefit from talking with their doctor about the best treatment options.

Prioritizing adequate rest can benefit you physically, psychologically, and sexually. It stands to reason that factoring in enough rest can help you perform your best in bed.



Sexual dysfunction and sleep disorders. What's the point of sleeping with someone when you can't even sleep next to them? I'm Carlos O'Leary, and this is The Quickie. Sleep. It's something you hopefully won't do while watching this video, but also something you should be getting nightly to recharge your soul. In the age of quintuple shot macchiatos, a plethora of energy drinks, and a pervasive grind culture mindset.

Do we actually need to sleep as much as we used to? There are plenty of motivational books and courses that can teach you how to take the reins of your life with a strict sleep regimen that limits your recommended duration in the land of dreams. But new research shows you could be doing your body a disservice physically, psychologically and sexually by not catching enough Zs.

So what does sleep have to do with intimacy? Besides being a point of reference in the colloquial phrases? I slept with him, she slept with me and it was a threesome so nobody slept. According to sleep scientists, the way you snooze can have a profound impact on your sex life. The Sleep Foundation, an institution that recommends adult men and women get 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night.


Recently found that a lack of quality sleep can throw hormone levels off kilter, leading to decreased libido, diminished sexual performance and a spike in sexual dysfunction. Your sleep cycle is structured in a pretty specific way so that if you don't get enough quality sleep, that is deep, restful sleep, your body doesn't properly scrub away all those hormones that cause stress and it doesn't properly release all the natural levels of hormones that make you think and function the way you normally do.

Meaning a lack of sleep makes you a lot more grumpy and a lot less humpy. If you're a sleepwalker or have sleep apnea, insomnia or any other sleep disorder, it may serve your sexual health to visit the doctor and get the treatment you need for better sleep. If you're intentionally reducing your sleep to squeeze a few more hours of productivity into the day, it could have profound consequences on your body and mind both immediately and long term.

Check the links below to read more on all these topics and so much more at, the world's largest sexual health platform. Until next time, I've been Carlos O'Leary, and you've been fantastic.

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