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Understanding STDs/STIs | The Basics

Throat irritation after oral sex may be the first sign you have an STI/STD.

That skin irritation could be a sign of an STI.

Not all stigmatization is discrimination, but the connection is clear.

Testing and treatment aren't impossible, but gaining access to solutions can be difficult.

I did everything right to clear my infection, so why didn’t anyone believe me?

Rates crept to an all-time high in 2019, with marginalized communities hit hardest.

Common sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise in the U.S. What's causing the increase?

Look out for the warning signs that might indicate an STD, especially if you're at risk.

Improve the safety of your sex life.

The timing depends a lot on gut instincts regarding your partner.

Sexually transmitted diseases and sexually transmitted infections have distinct differences.