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Grooming and Hygiene

Women's Grooming and Hygiene


Make personal choice the foundation of your hygiene regimen—not ancient myths or current trends.

The Basics

The Basics

The Facts About Women's Grooming and Hygiene

With so many choices in grooming practices and products, it helps to review what’s essential.

The common 'chicken skin' condition is stubborn, but it's treatable.

When you're trying to eliminate intimate odor, you may need to eliminate the suds.

Does what you eat and drink really make a difference in intimate odor? Not so much.


Grooming for Women

It’s time to review your grooming and hygiene habits to improve health and happiness.

Could the woolly vulva, driven to near extinction in the '90s, be making a triumphant comeback?

From '70s bushes to bald as a badger, these are the era-defining styles down there.

Brazilian, sculpted, full bush—I've enjoyed them all, but finally settled on a style.


Grooming and Hygiene Products for Women

From haircare to hair removal, we get into the truth about daily routines.

Lubricant can help makeup look smooth, but it's not the slickest idea.

Stop wasting cash on expensive fads and shop for these science-backed skincare ingredients.

Whether this skincare secret really works isn't cut and dried.