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Here's what you need to know about MV140, also known as Uromune.

D-mannose could be worth adding to your regimen to ward off infections.

An infected Skene's gland may be the cause of your bladder discomfort.

You may experience abnormal or frequent urination—but is it a symptom of a full-blown infection?

Yeast Infections

What the experts have to say about the impact of a yeast infection on your sex life.

Take care of your mental health or you may see the ramifications in your vagina.

But Vivjoa comes with a few catches, including who can use it safely.

You might want to still get your doctor's professional opinion.

Other Conditions

From being hung upside down to applying cocaine, the cures have been weird and ineffective.

Here's what you need to know about the side effects of testosterone therapy on your vagina.

While not always serious, this repeating labial cyst has impacted one woman's sexual confidence.

The social and cultural trends of wearing very tight clothes could be damaging your body.

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