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Vaginal Health

Understanding Your Vagina


Understanding the truth about your vaginal health is essential to preventing serious illness.

Reviewed by Lori McNeal, M.D. , | Gynecology, | Gynecology

The Basics
Complications and Procedures
Improving Vaginal Health

The Basics

The Facts About the Vagina

To get on the path to optimal vaginal health, deconstruct stigma and misconceptions.

The often unexplored territory between your clitoris and vagina deserves your attention.

It's time to face facts: Douching is bad for you—and your vagina.

It’s about to get real—let’s talk about vaginal discharge.

Improving Vaginal Health

Improving Vaginal Health

Positive diet, lifestyle and hygiene choices impact vaginal health and prevent chronic issues.

There are some surprisingly simple and holistic remedies to improve vaginal health.

While not strictly necessary, certain probiotic strains can help with persistent health issues.

The answer may surprise—and free—you. Here are some do's and don'ts for going au naturel.

Complications and Procedures

Complications and Procedures of the Vagina

Surgical options, Botox shots and laser treatments are transforming vaginal care.

Beware of sweaty spandex and all the other ways the season can wreak havoc on your nether parts.

Don't let this easily treatable condition create more issues in bed.

This common condition is almost as misunderstood as the vagina itself.

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