Understanding Your Vagina | Complications and Procedures

The controversial procedure is common in some countries because of cultural beliefs—and myths.

Pelvic organ prolapse is a common complaint, but you may have to self-advocate for relief.

We asked doctors to explain which vaginal odors are normal—and which are not.

Experts break down why you might be suffering from painful urination.

Removing the uterus is recommended for a variety of conditions.

Sexual dysfunction caused by tightness of the clitoral hood is more common than you may think.

This common condition can impact a woman's quality of life, but supplements show promise.

If penetration causes pain, here's how you can make the experience less daunting.

But vulvar discomfort, the correct terminology, is very real.

While rare, uterine didelphys (a double uterus) can cause a range of complications.

Genital residue is often associated with penises, but it's just as common for women.

Despite the rumors, your downstairs doesn't change with the seasons.

Surgical options, Botox shots and laser treatments are transforming vaginal care.

Several conditions can cause painful intercourse, but treatments are available.

Beware of sweaty spandex and all the other ways the season can wreak havoc on your nether parts.

Don't let this easily treatable condition create more issues in bed.

Yoni eggs have surged in popularity, but they're a yo-no from doctors.

This common condition is almost as misunderstood as the vagina itself.

The condition can impact your sex life, but it doesn’t have to destroy your relationship.

This painful condition can be debilitating, but getting back to your life is possible.

You can overcome the painful side effects and return to the sex life you want.

Two patients explain their reasons for going under the knife.

And why do we only ever talk about blue balls?

Searching for a solution to painful sex, I faced the needle.

As these procedures for women have grown in popularity, so has the surge of bad info.

Typically a cosmetic treatment, Botox is also used to treat some sexual health conditions.

Learn key information on changing the appearance of your downstairs bits.

Women may seek cosmetic surgery to improve their quality of life or for cosmetic concerns.