Vaginal dryness impacts women's lives sexually, physically and emotionally. However, many women still shy away from openly talking about their struggles with healthcare professionals because they lack information.

If you're experiencing inadequate vaginal lubrication, it's essential to sort fact from fiction so you can be better informed about this common condition.

Myth 1: You're the only one who has it

Perhaps the first vaginal dryness myth to debunk is that you are the only one who's experiencing it. Vaginal dryness, defined as decreased physiological lubrication on the vaginal surface, is a reality for more than 17 percent of sexually active women ages 18 to 50. The statistic goes up as women age due to dipping estrogen levels.

Women usually notice vaginal dryness during sex, particularly symptoms such as stinging, burning and itching within the vaginal opening. As a result, they can experience pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse or masturbation. They may also feel the frequent need to urinate.

Myth 2: It only happens to postmenopausal women, right?