A couple of summers ago, I was lounging on a beach in coastal New Hampshire admiring the ocean, unaware I'd wake up the next morning with an itchy browntail moth caterpillar rash all over my nether regions. It wasn't pretty. That was my first dose of summer's unkindness to vaginas and vulvas, and ever since I've become hyperaware of all potential enemies, such as pools, sweaty spandex and Mother Nature herself.

Between chlorine, drenched workout gear and dripping swimsuits, your vagina's pH can easily get knocked off-balance in the summer months, potentially leading to bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections. No fun. The good news is there are simple ways to avoid the disruptions without disrupting your hot vax summer.

Excessive heat

Hello, heat domes! Hot weather = sweating = sweating down there. If you're spending a significant amount of