I am one of many ADHD women who had to reach menopause to be diagnosed.
The failure to diagnose and treat this condition is a major problem in the U.S.
The failure to diagnose and treat this condition is a major problem in the U.S.
This disorder is more than a lack of attention.
There are challenges for a person with this condition, yes, but they're not insurmountable.
Often called a child's issue, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder can persist in adulthood.
It's never too late to get diagnosed with this common condition. It could change your life.
Mental factors and medication can affect sexual performance.
Difficulty making decisions and initiating tasks is common among people with this disorder.
Impulsivity, difficulty focusing, libido issues, inability to climax and ED are just the start.
For people who have sensory processing disorder, intimacy and sex can be challenging.
While some women see a decrease in symptoms when pregnant, medication can complicate things.
It provides a head-rush for users, but is it worth becoming addicted?
Experiencing ADHD flare-ups during your period? It's not all in your head.
'These are not party drugs—these medications improve the everyday quality of my life.'
Certain foods help boost concentration and energy—others may do just the opposite.
There may be a good reason for why your internal clock doesn’t always work the way you want.
We no longer associate sleep paralysis with demons and witches. Is it your ADHD meds instead?
The symptoms can complicate a lot of things—including your romantic life.
When your estrogen levels go off a cliff, you can lose motivation, focus, confidence and drive.
The decision to take medication for ADHD wasn't easy, but for me, it was the right one.
Misunderstanding of this neurodevelopmental condition makes life harder for people with it.
If the disorder's sensory impacts lead to low libido, we have tips to manage it.
Identifying the link between ADHD and erectile dysfunction can help determine treatment.