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Before you decide on in vitro fertilization, it's important to know all the facts.

The Basics
What to Consider
What to Expect

The Basics

The Facts About IVF

IVF is a complex process that makes conception possible for millions of people worldwide.

If needles make you squeamish, you may have trouble with some of these fertility medications.

In vitro fertilization makes multiples more likely, although not as often as in the recent past.

How to protect your emotional well-being before divulging the details of your family plan.

What to Consider

What to Consider Before IVF

IVF isn't for everyone—be sure to weigh the pros and cons.

Carrier screening, amniocentesis and other tests can prepare you for a lot, but not everything.

Know where to start and what questions to ask before finalizing your fertility clinic choice.

Know what factors to consider when choosing your sperm donor.

What to Expect

What to Expect From IVF

The process is challenging both physically and mentally—be prepared.

Anticipate what's in store for this momentous step of the in vitro fertilization process.

If you struggle with infertility, here's what you should know before heading in for treatment.

IVF is a medical procedure with highly successful outcomes, but there are issues to consider.