IVF | What to Consider

The latest research adds to mounting evidence Pfizer and Moderna are safe for pregnant people.

Getting in vitro fertilization? Though usually safe, learn the symptoms and signs of infection.

IVF isn't for everyone—be sure to weigh the pros and cons.

IVF is a good option for some people, but 'family balancing' has sparked a serious conversation.

Carrier screening, amniocentesis and other tests can prepare you for a lot, but not everything.

Know where to start and what questions to ask before finalizing your fertility clinic choice.

Know what factors to consider when choosing your sperm donor.

When other solutions aren’t an option, surrogacy remains a dependable way to have a child.

Affording in vitro fertilization treatments is possible but takes forethought and strategy.

Consider several factors as you look for the perfect person to carry your child into the world.

Your perspective on fertility treatments might be different the second time around (and beyond).

IVF costs vary greatly, but it’s not out of reach for people serious about starting a family.