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Prostate Health

Understanding Your Prostate


Men are rightly concerned with keeping their prostate healthy, so don't fall for misconceptions.

Reviewed by Christopher Kim, M.D. | Urology

The Basics
Prostate Exams
Improving Prostate Health

The Basics

The Facts About the Prostate

Keeping your prostate healthy is a lifelong process.

While the prostate is key for procreation in younger men, it becomes a health concern as we age.

Arm yourself with the facts, dispel the myths and work with a doctor to avoid prostate cancer.

Do we take our knowledge about prostates for granted? Maybe, but it's all thanks to research.

Prostate Exams

The Facts About Prostate Exams

Early screening and exams are vital to diagnosis and treatment. Here's what you need to know.

To help prevent cancer, prostate exams are necessary, especially for men in at-risk categories.

Prostate exams are a useful tool to keep men healthy. Here’s what you should know.

Most prostate exams yield nothing alarming, but a doctor may order additional tests.

Improving Prostate Health

Improving Prostate Health

Simple lifestyle changes can have a positive impact on prostate health.

Don't delay! Preventive measures now can help your prostate health later.

It might be time to give more attention to your often-ignored prostate gland.

While ED meds are meant to help in the bedroom, some studies suggest additional health benefits.

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