Painful sex or problems using a tampon? It could be involuntarily contracting vaginal muscles.
There's no quick fix to relieve involuntary vaginal tightening, but a cure is possible.
Being there during this difficult time may mean more than you know.
This cause of pain during penetration can be dealt with, but you might need to reframe intimacy.
This cause of pain during penetration can be dealt with, but you might need to reframe intimacy.
Here's what you need to know about the vaginal condition's causes, symptoms and management.
From being hung upside down to applying cocaine, the cures have been weird and ineffective.
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Gynecological pain may feel like the end of your sex life—but it doesn't have to be.
Proceed with caution when putting nonregulated objects in your vagina.
This rare chronic pain disorder affects the nerve pathways in the pelvis.
Until more research is done, the FDA and physicians advise caution with this delivery method.
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Dealing with the root cause of an unhealthy relationship with food can help in the bedroom, too.
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Typically a cosmetic treatment, Botox is also used to treat some sexual health conditions.