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When you care about what you eat, your overall health stands to benefit in more ways than one.

Reviewed by Harsh Sharma, D.O. | Internal Medicine

Focus on foods that enhance your diet, sexual performance and overall health—at the same time!

Libido is affected by a number of variables. Is one of them that hot new diet you’re trying?

Some foods allegedly get you in the mood for sex. Did you know other foods can do the opposite?

‘The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.’ Can the stomach lead to arousal, too?

There’s a lot of conflicting info out there telling us what to eat. Time for a reality check.

Forget that rare, juicy steak—a plant-based diet may help combat ED symptoms.

From berries to meat to fish, check out our menu of nutritious foods with powerful benefits.

A healthy diet may help reverse negative effects that are causing sexual dysfunction.

There are a number of fallacies around soy and what it does, or doesn't do, to your body.

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