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Sleep & Sleep Disorders

If you’re compromising how much you sleep, you also may be compromising your sexual health.

Reviewed by Trilochan Hiremath, M.D. | Diagnostic Radiology

For some people, parasomnia can extend much further than just sleepwalking.

Better sleep can unlock more productivity, greater overall health and an amazing sex life.

Why getting laid in the A.M. may help jump-start your day.

Experts explain the link between rest and romance, and how to score more of both.

Sleep seems basic, but myths about it and its attendant disorders need to be debunked.

Are you clenching your jaw at night? Here's why and how you can cope.

Lack of restful sleep due to sleep apnea can pack a harder punch than you think.

Knowing your type of sleep animal can help you identify the ideal time to mate.

Getting a good night's rest could be as simple as watching what you consume, and when.

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