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Any breast procedure can be intimidating, so let’s start by separating fact from fiction.

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Breast Surgery


The Facts About Mammograms

Regular mammograms dramatically improve the chances of surviving breast cancer. Just do it.

Knowing what to expect during a routine mammogram screening can ease first-timers’ stress.

As women get older, they may want to reassess how often they get mammogram screenings.

Dense tissue can put women at a higher risk for breast cancer over the course of their lives.


The Facts About Mastectomies

A mastectomy may be a part of your treatment for breast cancer. Know what to expect.

Using tattoos, women are turning painful memories into symbols of creativity, beauty and power.

If you know you’re at high risk for developing breast cancer, learn your options.

Four women discuss navigating intimacy after losing feeling in their chests.

Breast Surgery

The Facts About Breast Surgery

In many cases, breast surgery can do as much for the psyche as it can for the physique.

Breast implants are not meant to be lifetime devices. Understand the maintenance they require.

Women who want more comfort can take a literal weight off their shoulders with breast reduction.

Cohesive silicone breast implants, or ‘gummy bears,’ are safe, but complications are possible.