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Breast Procedures


Any breast procedure can be intimidating, so let’s start by separating fact from fiction.

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Breast Surgery


The Facts About Mammograms

Regular mammograms dramatically improve the chances of surviving breast cancer. Just do it.

3D technology has changed the game for detecting breast cancer, and insurance usually covers it.

Recommendations may vary, but starting screening earlier saves lives.

Test costs can be a barrier to care for women with dense breasts and other risk factors.


The Facts About Mastectomies

A mastectomy may be a part of your treatment for breast cancer. Know what to expect.

Three women tell Giddy what they wish they'd known to expect following surgery.

After her cancer diagnosis, the BBC host shared a topless photo before undergoing surgery.

Being one-breasted and/or flat-chested are options more and more women are choosing.

Breast Surgery

The Facts About Breast Surgery

In many cases, breast surgery can do as much for the psyche as it can for the physique.

BII and other complications are leading to a major jump in explant surgeries, doctors say.

Here's what you should know before going under the knife for the procedure.

No, Dracula isn't coming to suck your blood and lift your boobs.