Breast Procedures | Mammograms

Your partner may need support, so uncover the facts about these breast exams.

3D technology has changed the game for detecting breast cancer, and insurance usually covers it.

Recommendations may vary, but starting screening earlier saves lives.

Test costs can be a barrier to care for women with dense breasts and other risk factors.

Enlarged lymph nodes are affecting test results for some immunized women.

While mammograms are more common, you do have options for preventive health.

It may be nothing, it may be something, but either way you'll be ready for the next steps.

The right clothes can make your screening appointment much more comfortable.

Dense tissue can put women at a higher risk for breast cancer over the course of their lives.

Regular mammograms dramatically improve the chances of surviving breast cancer. Just do it.

As women get older, they may want to reassess how often they get mammogram screenings.

Knowing what to expect during a routine mammogram screening can ease first-timers’ stress.