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Safety in Bed

In addition to using protection, many other practices are necessary to maintain safety in bed.

Reviewed by Rachelle Adams, MA, LPC, LMFT | Psychotherapy

Sex toys are fun, but it’s essential to clean them well so you can avoid spreading infections.

Follow one simple rule: If a toy goes into your body, make sure it comes out.

Need help choosing the right lube? We’re here to help.

Safer sex isn’t just about preventing unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

Here's what you're really licking.

Yes, salad-tossing can be a source of good, clean fun.

Even a quick, impromptu cleanse needs to be done the right way.

When objects are involved during sex, bedroom safety is about more than preventing pregnancy.

Don't panic, here's what to do when bodily fluids end up in the most inconvenient spot.

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