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Understanding STDs/STIs

The Basics
STD/STI Testing

The Basics

The Facts About STDs/STIs

Stigma surrounds sexually transmitted diseases. Know the facts to protect yourself and others.

Ancient rituals, unappealing remedies and dangerous practices have given way to 'wonder drugs.'

HSV-positive advocates have endured herpes stigma and come out stronger for it.

Donovanosis presents scary symptoms, but the rare disease poses little reason to panic.

STD/STI Testing

Understanding STD/STI Testing

Some STIs and STDs don't have symptoms. Here's what you can do to protect your health.

Get tested: Committed relationships aren't foolproof protection, and symptoms don't always show.

Considering health and longevity, the old maxim isn't wrong: Prevention is better than cure.

Having your backside checked regularly might just save your life.


Preventing STDs/STIs

The key to safer sex is regular testing and communication.

When it comes to STI prevention, education beats criminalization.

Demystify the gaps in sex ed, and learn practical solutions to keep you safe.

Gonorrhea is evolving so fast that it's outsmarting our ability to cure it.

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