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Penis & Testicle Health

Testicular Cancer

While treatment for testicular cancer is often life-changing, success rates are relatively high.

Reviewed by P.W. Payne, M.D. | Public Health

You’ve survived testicular cancer. That’s the good news. Now, let’s consider what comes next.

Taking a few minutes to conduct a self-exam of your testicles could be a lifesaving decision.

It may cause changes down there, but testicular cancer likely won’t impact your sexual ability.

Let's discover the truth behind some important misconceptions about testicular cancer.

Technology has made testicle implants realistic, but the surgery carries risks, and costs.

A health scare leads a teacher to become an advocate for men's health.

An early-stage testicular cancer diagnosis could mean cutting radioactive scans down by half.

Nothing prepares you for a drug that wipes out everything in its path—even testicular cancer.

Cancer has men thinking about their future children—whether they planned to have them or not.

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