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Fertility in Women


Learn to stay healthy and fulfilled in your sex life during pregnancy.

Reviewed by Lori McNeal, M.D. | Gynecology

Being pregnant changes everything—including sex. You have questions; we have answers.

As long as your doctor is involved, there are many natural remedies for this common problem.

Patient advocates are finding creative ways to provide support when they can’t be present.

Multiple labor pain-management options exist, so here's what to consider for your delivery.

Here’s how to keep your caffeine intake within safe limits without experiencing withdrawal.

Here's what expectant mothers need to know about new over-the-counter remedies.

Seems like pregnancy myths should have been debunked long ago. Nope. Let's do that now.

During pregnancy, intense specified hunger can go beyond just wishing for a cookie.

During pregnancy, everything is always changing. Be prepared for your sex life to change, too.

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