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Heart Disease

According to the CDC, an American dies of heart disease every 36 seconds. Know the risks.

Reviewed by Trilochan Hiremath, M.D. | Diagnostic Radiology

Watch for the warning signs of heart disease, and learn how you can prevent this deadly disease.

Your sexual desire may fade after a heart attack, but it will return.

About 121.5 million adults in the U.S. suffer from heart disease. Many feel its effects in bed.

Cardiovascular health is a key for maintaining a healthy sex life as you age.

We bust some heart disease myths so you can make better choices about your heart health.

Proper nutrition and exercise are top priorities, but three additional methods can help, too.

Learn to stay safe and skeptical when it comes to promises of performance enhancement.

Hypertension affects a man's erection and a woman's libido—as can the meds that treat it.

If you're struggling with female sexual dysfunction, check on your cardiovascular health.

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