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More than 40 million adult Americans have some kind of anxiety disorder. Could you be one?

Reviewed by Susan Ansorge, PhD | Psychology

Anxiety is a common problem, and it can affect your libido. Learn how to take back control.

From everyday stress to chronic disorders, your anxiety has a direct impact on your erection.

Anxiety is a prevalent but misunderstood mental illness. Here, we separate fact from fiction.

Frequent anxiety can wreak havoc on your sex life, unless you learn to overcome it.

Performance anxiety can happen to the best of us. But it doesn't have to get the best of us.

Relationships can be terrifying when you have social anxiety. Banish the fear and trust romance.

A sudden panic attack can be daunting, but you have ways to cope.

Life with obsessive-compulsive disorder is difficult, but your sex life doesn't need to suffer.

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