A cardiologist explains how to manage cardiac health and the dangers of hypertension.
A new study finds the threat level remains high even 20 years after delivery.
Study: Fertility issues, miscarriage, stillbirth are associated with a greater chance of stroke.
Returning to life as usual following a brain attack can be like walking a tightrope.
Understanding your genetic and behavioral risk factors can prevent a major cardiac event.
Arterial buildup can be managed and disease can be avoided, but severe levels can't be reversed.
More than one-third of Americans get less sleep than they should. There are consequences.
Studies indicate an indirect but important relationship between gum disease and ED.
Healthy blood pressure equals healthy blood flow, which equals healthy erectile function.
The mechanics of diabetes-related damage are complicated, but controllable.
The first can cause the second, which can be a sign of the first. It's all about blood flow.
No cardiologist, urologist or primary care doc can read minds. They can only help if they know.
An intercourse-induced infarction is rare, but other factors affect post–heart attack intimacy.
Given the possible side effects, consult a doctor about your health before taking birth control.