Menstruation can be a difficult time of the month, especially if it's accompanied by heavy bleeding, cramps, nausea and vomiting. And that's something many women deal with, according to a 2012 study that found 84.1 percent of women experience menstrual pain, and 43.1 percent experience pain during every period.

Period subscription boxes are designed to relieve some of the stress and tension that accompany the menstrual cycle. Now you don't have to worry about running out of your favorite pads or tampons—they've got you covered.

What's in the box?

From the basics to the most luxurious self-care products, period subscription boxes offer something for everyone. They can be customized to suit your needs, and you can decide how often you would like to receive them. If you don't get your period every month, you can simply cancel and resume it whenever you need to.

"Life is so hectic, and we probably all suffer from decision fatigue in some way—I think people just really appreciate that 'buy period products' is one less thing they