Human anatomy is complicated, and a lot of factors can impact our bodily mechanisms. The female reproductive system includes all of the external and internal sexual organs that function for reproduction. When the reproductive system doesn't work as intended, women can face painful symptoms ranging from cramps to infertility.

Here are five of the most common conditions responsible for throwing the female reproductive system off track.


The endometrium is the tissue that lines the inside of the uterus. In patients with endometriosis, this unique tissue is found outside the uterus on organs such as the bladder or fallopian tubes, or (rarely) in different body areas, like the lungs.

Endometriosis often goes undiagnosed until fertility issues prompt further investigation. Unfortunately, the only way to concretely diagnose endometriosis is through laparoscopic surgery, although many doctors will attempt to identify the condition through pelvic exams and MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging).

The most common