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Sexual Health

There are an estimated 2 million cases of trich, but only 30 percent present symptoms.
Just because an object vibrates or looks like a penis doesn't mean it's safe for masturbation.
Erotic visions can teach us about our deepest desires if we let them—or they can be meaningless.
Some millennials and Gen Zers are choosing to say a resounding 'No!' to casual sex.
A guide to brushing your ego off and setting the stage for a successful next time.


No one wants creepy-crawlies on their genitalia. Be aware of the symptoms and treatments.
From semen for teeth whitening to Coca-Cola for contraception, what are the facts?
From rags to pads, and Tassettes to tampons: How the U.S. has dealt with that time of the month.
Ending a pregnancy can seriously alter how you view sex—or have no effect at all.