Sex As You Age
Author: Helen Massy

From your late teens through your 30s, you're considered to be in your sexual prime: Having sex twice a week, according to the Kinsey Institute. It doesn't get better than that, right?

Sure, there are factors that get in the way, like hormones, work stresses, family and kids and more. Naturally, the frequency of sex can decline. But the act itself can become more satisfying as you develop greater sexual confidence and a strong sense of sexual health, with a much more defined understanding of what you want and how to get there.

Age doesn't define your sex life. Join us on a journey through the decades all the way up to your senior years, as we discuss what about sex might change at different ages.

So you're not a teenager anymore, but you still got it. Right?
It tends to get really good when people reach their 40s. But health issues can get in the way.
Our body and mind experience and react to sex differently as we age. But it's not all bad.
Things may be starting to slow down, but your sex life can still be wonderful.