While public breastfeeding is legal in every U.S. state, it can still feel like a tricky balancing act to master, especially for new parents.

Feeding your baby can be a vulnerable experience, and some individuals remain antagonistic to public breastfeeding, which can cause stress on new parents. Additionally, some people may not have much experience witnessing public breastfeeding, possibly due to the low rates of breastfeeding in the United States, which can add to the stigma.

In 2018, Utah and Idaho became the final states to pass legislation protecting breastfeeding in public. Since then, it has been legal to publicly breastfeed in all 50 states, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Federal legislation also exists.

Understanding your rights

"At the federal level, breastfeeding gained the most protection when the Affordable Care Act was signed in March 2010," explained