Excluding men and boys from our understanding of eating disorders poses pitfalls for treatment.
Binge eating disorder is the most common eating disorder and can be caused by many factors.
Autism spectrum disorder presents in ways as varied as the people who are on the spectrum.
Some people with autism struggle with romantic relationships while others have no problem.
Using these terms, even in your dating app profile, may lead to manipulation or emotional abuse.

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The term is contentious, but experts and those affected say the condition's impact is profound.
College students may have access to free counseling services right at school.
You can maintain healthy and satisfying intimate relationships when you have bipolar disorder.
A new study explores the psychology of men who enjoy the company of synthetic companions.
Formerly known as manic depression, this mood disorder is difficult to diagnose and has no cure.
Polycystic ovary syndrome can affect your mind as much as your ovaries.
Research indicates that meditation and related practices can benefit both the brain and body.
Hormonal fluctuations can impact your mood during your menstrual cycle.
I am one of many ADHD women who had to reach menopause to be diagnosed.
The ties between poor sleep hygiene and mental health can initiate or worsen conditions.