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Erectile Dysfunction

Living with ED

Dealing with ED is difficult enough—let alone the misconceptions.

It can be a real downer to find that your medication causes some unfortunate side effects.

Erectile dysfunction affects tens of millions of U.S. men, but exercise can change that figure.

Is your limp response to booze a one-night thing or a persistent problem?

As is the case with most matters of the bedroom, popping the blue pill is all about the timing.

ED doesn’t have to kill the moment, if you know what to say and do when it happens.

ED affects millions of men, across sexualities, and treatment is available for any and all.

Forget old notions about age and pills, and enjoy the opportunity to explore deeper sexuality.

For me, marijuana was a godsend for help with several issues—but not erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction may be unknown territory for some men, but time is a great guide.