Cervical Cancer

The Basics
Symptoms and Diagnosis
Life After Cervical Cancer

The Basics

Getting vaccinated now may still lower your risk for cancers caused by human papillomavirus.

Countries with high vaccination rates 'on the path to eliminating cervical cancer,' experts say.

Female-to-male patients with cervixes often fall through the gaps for serious health procedures.

Giddy talks to executive director Heather White about funding global access to resources.


Immunotherapy and target therapy treatment options are improving outcomes.

Giddy talks to the women behind the nonprofit organization in this in-depth interview.

My doctor recommended a hysterectomy for cervical cancer. I refused because I want children.

This treatment option may encourage the cervix to produce normal cells.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Most cases are caused by HPV, but a small risk exists for people who aren't sexually active.

If a Pap test reveals abnormal cells, you may undergo a loop electrosurgical excision procedure.

Cervical biopsies can be intimidating, but they're very common and usually painless.

Learn how to spot these two common types of gynecologic cancer.

Life After Cervical Cancer

Cancer treatment comes with severe side effects, but the right tools will help you endure.

Learn about the fertility options available to you after cervical cancer treatment.

Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy save lives…at a price.

You've conquered cancer. What you have to do now to get your sex life back.

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