Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

Testicular Cancer Awareness

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Testicular cancer doesn't get the attention many other cancers do. Heck, it isn't even considered a common cancer by the National Cancer Institute because fewer than 40,000 cases are diagnosed each year. The actual number is fewer than 10,000, but that is of little to no consolation to the men who are diagnosed. It's still cancer, and guys are likely to lose a testicle.

April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, and we are here to help further the mission to raise awareness. For example, were you aware testicular cancer is a young man's disease? The average age at diagnosis is 33. It's also highly treatable, carrying a 95 percent five-year relative survival rate. But there's so much more to know.

Check in each Monday in April to increase your awareness of a disease that could affect you or someone you care about. We'll start with a story about the genetic risk factors for the disease and then share an awareness-raising Q&A with the Testicular Cancer Society, whose founder is a testicular cancer survivor. Speaking of survivors, we will share stories from two men who are living evidence of that 95 percent survival rate.

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Q&A: Raising Awareness With the Testicular Cancer Society
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