In any relationship, communication is paramount. But is the communication you have with yourself every minute of every day a help or a hindrance to how you live your life?

We engage in self-talk all the time. From confidence boosts to critical thinking to self-critiques, talking to ourselves can be an incredibly useful practice. When it's done right, self-talk can enrich both our public and personal lives.

"Since we're always appraising situations in relation to ourselves, self-talk makes up a considerable portion of our lives," said Tasha Holland-Kornegay, Ph.D., an author, speaker, mental health professional and founder of Our Treatment Center in North Carolina.

'What is self-talk?' I thought to myself

"Self-talk is that voice in your head: your self-statements about you, your job, the future, politics, power, everything," explained Rick Brandon, Ph.D., founder of Brandon Partners, a leadership development firm in California, and author of "Straight Talk," a book detailing the significance of inner cognition. "That little