Anal sex is moving from its former status as taboo and into the realm of acceptable, showing up in bedrooms all over America. Data from the 2011-2013 National Survey of Family Growth: Sexual Behavior, Sexual Attraction and Sexual Orientation Among Adults Aged 18-44 in the U.S. indicates that 35.9 percent of women and 42.3 percent of men have had anal sex.

If anal sex is something you’ve thought about, you’re obviously not alone in your sexual curiosity, but you may be confused about where to start. Like the first time you do anything, elements of fear of failure threaten to spoil the expected thrills ahead. The answer is, of course, in preparation.

Food for thought

This may seem like an obvious scenario, but you might be surprised to discover how many potentially sultry nights have gone awry because somebody felt the need for an extra slice of pizza.

You have to take anal sex seriously, and you have to plan ahead. If you are anticipating having anal sex later in the day, be mindful of your stomach, and what you put in it. Without wishing to